Monday, 21 April 2008

Earth and Moon

I'm looking at the rhythm of the tides at Spurn (EasyTide) and try to find out how they relate to the movement of the moon - recalling how earth, moon and sun relate to each other.

Earth as if seen from the Moon and .............vice versa (from Hull/UK)
15 April 2008 at 21h45: The waxing moon in its meridian (45.6°). At this time it is low tide on Spurn. - Seen from the moon the blue planet appears like a negative mirror image of its natural satellite. (View of Earth from the Moon)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Just read some articles about the Spurn lifeboat crew:
Watching, waiting, washing up... (Guardian, 5 April 2008)

    Another article by the Yorkshire Post, 22 March 2008
    Family life at the point of no return

    Monday, 7 April 2008

    Sea defences along the North Sea side

    Man-made intervention shaped by the sea, wind and weather: Blocks of stones combined with parts of rusty metal and wooden poles (near the horizon) form sculptures such as this 'Steal-seal'
    The water level rose about 3/4 meters within 3/4 hours. It will rise a further 2.5m and cover the blocks completely.

    Humber side

    In the afternoon - sitting on the quiet side of the waters. Time to reflect.

    Watching the tides - North Sea side

    ..................................................foamfoam top
    foam sand foam fringes
    I spent a morning looking at the ebb and flow of the water and the foam produced by air and water mixing. This was at the time when the tide was going out.

    polyfoampoly water
    Later I join threaded polystyrene balls to the scene. The ends of the thread are fixed to stones, so the balls can't escape.

    The stringed balls float off as if they were part of the water-foam. For about an hour I watch the water recede. Its movement changes with the shape of the ground and the foam disappears gradually - together with the balls...!

    Minutes later - it seems like an eternity - when the water has receded further, I spot one ball hiding among the shingle. The rest of the balls - still threaded - are buried up to one foot underground following the lead of the stone the thread was fixed to.

    By the way: Polystyrene consists 98% of air, is fully recyclable and environmental friendly though it isn't biodegradable. Microscopic images of this material look very similar to the sea water foam I'm just looking at.

    On Spurn

    'On Spurn' is a research residency for six artists (see Events). We spent a mid-week-end on Spurn to initiate our venture. It was cold, windy, sunny, wet and beautiful.

    During the residency I would like to look at the movement of wind and water which shape Spurn. Using threads (yes, again) I plan to create air and water drawings. We'll see what happens. For now it is just looking and listening.