Wednesday 24 August 2022

Liquid Light - Berlin

Liquid Light 2022 - a site-specific Installation at the Sounds of Water Festival - im Kleinen Wasserspeicher, Berlin-PrenzlauerBerg. 

Water dripping steadily into a shallow pool creates ripples that are reflected on suspended drafting film and the surrounding walls, resulting in the projection of a rhythmic, pulsating wave. The pool is 1m x 2m.


Thursday 11 August 2022

Sounds of Water

Ich freue mich, an diesem Kunstfestival in Berlin teilzunehmen zu können. 

Happy to be invited to show work at this event in Berlin. 

Program and more info: Sounds of Water

19.–28. August 2022, täglich von 15 bis 20 Uhr 
im ‘Kleinen Wasserspeicher’, beim Wasserturm in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg 
Vernissage am 19. August ab 18.00 Uhr mit Performances und Live-Musik

Eine Ausstellung von Roger Alsop, Mona Babl, Sabine J. Bieli, Dan Dansen, Marion Ehrsam, Hans Fromm, Chrysanthi Goula, Adrian Gutzelnig, Bettina Hindes, Julia Marié, Anja Matzke, Sandy La S. Schwermer, Alexander Siebenstern und Jolanda Todt.
Mit weiteren Beiträgen von Julia Bauer, Nana Ehrsam, Andreas Levisianos und Dimitra Kandia, Melaine MacDonald, Alexander Nieswand und Ilja Pletner, Santrra Oxyd, Alexander Seeger, Lea Schmidt, Madlen Stange und Steffi Weismann.
Kuratiert von Simona Doletzki

Friday 1 April 2022

Definitions of Drawing - docu film

A nice surprise to come across this documentation of Definitions of Drawing at Sunny Bank Mills last autumn, video by Courtney Spencer (curator) and George Hall (videographer)

Vacant Space at 2:20

Tuesday 1 March 2022


Reflective moment in the botanical garden of Braunschweig, early September 2021

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Pictures of an exhibition

Definitions of Drawing has ended last Sunday - but here is a link to an album with images

photo: Harry Meadley Vacant Space 2021, approx 33cm x 69cm x 170cm (h x d x l), mohair & nylon

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Vacant Space 2021

I don't do this normally: install new work in a space I have never visited. But last week this was the only way: Coming more or less straight from the ferry, with a stopover at the studio to prepare the sculpture and pack tools, I arrived at Sunny Bank Mills Wednesday morning. In the evening, after working on autopilot for eight hours, Vacant Space, version 2021, stood - or rather floated - in the exhibition space. 

Many thanks to Court Spencer and Sunny Bank Mills. I look forward to visiting the exhibition, seeing the other artists' work - and assessing what I have actually done. 

Just after installation. Vacant Space is 170cm wide  

Friday 24 September 2021

Definitions of Drawing

Happy to be part of this group exhibition at Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley near Leeds:


Definitions of Drawing

An exhibition that brings together the work of fifteen artists who interrogate the medium of drawing through their practices. 

Curated by Courtney Spencer.

25th September to
14th November 2021

Gallery Opening Times:
Tuesday-Saturday 10-4pm
Sunday 12-4pm
closed on Monday

Sunny Bank Mills
83-85 Town St
Farsley, Leeds
LS28 5UJ

Link to G-maps

Saturday 6 February 2021

A moment in time

Summer 2020 

Two birds flying past, making a fleeting appearance on Live Sky - a 'slice' of sky floating in the space (CCTV live feed projection on acrylic glass).

A year has passed since the exhibition @ King Edward Street, Light Works. I had used the space for nine months as a laboratory, setting up new works in response to the space and refining existing ones. It has been an intense, demanding and beautiful time, a dive into new territory, quietly challenging me on various levels. 

Subsequently the last year became a time of recovery - and also of final goodbyes, with  impromptu travel and long stays abroad. 

It would turn into August before we could take down the projection works on the upper floors. And it was then, just before dismantling Live Sky, that I accidentally captured two birds flying by, a coincidence I could only dream of during the exhibition time...

Thursday 28 November 2019

light influx

Figuring out light influx and possible dates and times to catch the sun for work during the first weeks from February onwards. We're on the first floor of unit 47.

Saturday 23 November 2019

waning light

What a difference two days make: same time, same place - sunlight and shadows at 14:15h on 28 and then 30 October 2019*. In just 48 hours the sun moves by 1º closer to the horizon of the neighbouring roofs.

28 October: 16º altitude / 218ºSW
30 October: 15º altitude / 218ºSW

Reminder: there will be a similar constellation between 10 and 15 February 2020 14:45h.

*Cast on a slightly changed installation, see previous compare with previous post.

Sunday 10 November 2019

Filtering light

photo: Harlan Whittingham
8 October 2019 16:35h
In the upstairs space: watching what the light does with this installation - three slightly twisted surfaces spread from the top of the front windows to the ground. Drawn with wool from the archive this 'drawing' can be easily varied and modified. The slightly curved layers bring an element of movement into the space - they seem to ask for dance performances.

The windows at the back of the building face SW and throughout October it was intriguing to watch the changing light and how the shadows cast by the evening sun grew longer every day, until - by the end of October - the sun was too low and hidden behind the neighbouring buildings.

In response to the changing light, I have developed a different shape for this space that revolves around the column in the middle of the room while checking the course of the sun and its coordinates:

More images of wandering light