Saturday, 25 May 2013


Just completed last night. The shell of half a sphere, made of Mohair fibers, 42cm diameter.

Dancing up and down, between ceiling and floor - strung, crocheted and sewn with nylon thread.

And it's full moon today.

PS: Orbit is now part of a private collection.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


1. co-ordinates
2. static
3. spiraling
Patterns of dots in a circle - with a sphere in mind. The co-ordinates (from H to B, see post 30 April) may have left their traces in these drawings.

4. sunflower seeds
[Source of image]

The first sketch 'Co-ordinates' merged into a drawing based on circles which is more static (2.). This turned into a spiraling (3.) version.

The resulting design recalls the pattern found in fir cones and sunflowers (4.).

The aim is again to transform from second into the third dimension...

Friday, 3 May 2013


Finds during the first few days, all within about 15 minutes walk from my current dwelling:


Having said that there isn't much green near my doorstep I 'found' this piece of landscape not far from my current home:
Ploetzensee, a lake fed by groundwater in the middle of a huge green park, or rather three large parks.


Lady with a hat peers over the trees into a street further south from here.


Galerie Max Hetzler resides high up on the forth floor of the 'Osramhoefe'. A huge space entirely lit by daylight.
Work by Tony Ziegler.

Some more pics here.