Saturday, 19 June 2010

Once upon a time, another life, I made this piece:

It is woven with hair-thin Nylon, cotton thread and tissue paper. I loved making it, that's maybe why I remember it now - and there's an affinity with the cloud images, see last posts. - By the way I remelted the images of the slide show in last week's post into a video.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Movement (silent)

'Continents' of light in a continuous state of flux (150 sec in time lapse).

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blue sky

Having completed - and displayed - the threaded Fr-Agile Screens I read Daniel Tammet's 'Embracing the Wide Sky'. What struck me was that again the words 'threads' and 'weaving' appear when he's thinking about the mind.
Quotes from the book can be read when the mouse hovers over the left (first chapter) and right (last chapter) side of the image.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

'New Year'

On the last day of February we took Fr-Agile down. Then March came with glorious sunshine, it feels like the start of a New Year. The display of the Spurn piece was planned for 2009, so, my inner clock is lagging behind a bit ...

Fr-Agile at South Square Gallery:
To see more images go to TIME-BASED and click on thumbs.
Photos by Bob Levene

Happy New Year.

Friday, 12 February 2010


It's a week since the completion and Opening Night of Fr-Agile @ South Square Gallery; and it's about two years since our very first visit On Spurn. It's been more or less the start of this blog as well.

So, it took a while to find, create and display Fr-Agile. And often it felt like riding against the wind. Maybe the ever present gusts of Spurn?

After a strenuous installation week - it seems I can be as well prepared as possible, there's always The Unforeseeable creating a whirl - the Opening Night was really nice!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

South Square Gallery

It's up and running!
Thanks to Jo, Stefan, David and all at South Square Gallery for their help. And Thank you to the Arts Council England and the Humber Mouth Festival for their support.

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Seascape [Fr-Agile]
On display 6 - 28 February 2010 at South Square Gallery, Thornton, Bradford.

South Square Gallery | Feb 2010

Fr-Agile, two projections on curved screens (Seascape and Buoy), received funding from the Arts Council England and the Humber Mouth Festival, Hull.

The two three-dimensional video sculptures are the outcome of a research residency:


Spurn Head, a spit of land on the Holderness coast, is a three and a half mile line of sand and shingle that forms a sweeping curl where the North Sea meets the Humber Estuary. It is a place of continual change – of constant erosion and reformation. It's a haven for plants and wildlife and also a place of man made interventions. The Humber is the UK's busiest shipping channel, requiring a permanently manned lifeboat station.
On Spurn is a research residency for six artists, in partnership with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. During the summer 2008 Bob Levene, Pete McPartlan, Rick Welton, Jo Millett, Rob Gawthrop and I developed new work in response to Spurn Point. Click here to read my Blog.

This project is supported by Arts Council England, Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and East Riding of Yorkshire.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Close-up screen / Come-back

The smaller of the two Fr-Agile screens has been re-installed and fixings improved. And at the same time - magically - the second projector arrived. So, here's some more studio documentation, captured with small camera: