Sunday, 19 June 2011

A year later

I've been away for a couple of months on some kind of journey. Last autumn I went to see a GP and came back home a month later, rather small. This doctor took me serious (third time lucky) and much to my surprise sent me to hospital (not so lucky). There eventually it emerged why I had felt like 'riding a bicycle with a flat tire' for some time...

Life as an English patient was new territory to me. All of a sudden I found myself excluded from the world, like a fish in an aquarium, only my fish tank was noisy and hectic 24/7; it was a (cultural) shock. Through the window I could watch the country being submerged by snow, while around me - and within me - all kind of drama took place.

It took a month and high doses of antibiotics to cure me. What I possibly had to learn in hospital - and during subsequent months of convalescence on the continent - was to Let it be.

Thanks for the thoughts and treats I received from friends during this time. They were my lifeline!