Tuesday, 15 September 2009


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Midsummer Place
Milton Keynes
8 September 2009 8pm

After an intensive 48 hours the piece is installed. It went well - thanks to the good cooperation with all involved, namely technicians Martin, Paul and Ray; and Sally who kept me going.

For a next time I wished to have another set of my hands and eyes assisting me. It can be difficult at times to be in two places at once, especially when you're on a scissor lift four to seven metres above ground.
Video of Sounding with the background noise of a shopping centre as soundtrack. Do they fit together?

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Sounding installation

Sunday, 6 September 2009 (image by Sally)
We started installing Sunday evening as soon as Midsummer was more or less empty, except for Martin and Paul who are licensed to handle the big machine to reach the 20m high glass ceiling, Sally, Gavin and all the kids and - most important - Mrs Smith who, when I went hectic, so helpfully took charge of the sewing machine. [Many Thanks to all of you!!!!!]

Most of the work had to be done during the dark hours. During daytime I prepared bits and pieces in Midsummer's underground world - a strange but genial contrast to the world of the shopping centre above my head.

You can see more images about the installation in a separate album and in the video's below.

7 September 2009, 20:19
Unwinding third bobbin for second band.

7 September 2009, 22:00
Unwinding fourth bobbin for second band

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sounding, commissioned by FringeMK 2009, will be installed at Midsummer place in Milton Keynes from September 2009 for two month.

This project and FringeMK 2009 are supported by Midsummer Place, Arts Council England, Arts Gateway MK, Milton Keynes Community Foundation and thecentre:mk

You can see images of work in progress and the final installation on the Sounding-blog.