27 February 2013


Not quite cyanotype...and not scheduled.

Yet the substance of this lightweight piece has been hiding in the studio for a while. Papillae is made of Mohair (quite a lot of air actually!) and Nylon thread.
35cm in diameter, 45cm high (the red bit), suspended overall about 150cm long.

5 February 2013


Testing various papers combined with all kinds of negatives. To print 'cyano' these are exposed to sundry light sources. It's like juggling with umpteen parameters.

Although it is said to be an 'easy' process it takes time to become acquainted with all the possible lineups. In the end the photons do exactly what they are supposed to do. It's just a matter of learning the 'language' ... I guess.

Impressive is the impact of the late January / February afternoon sun. It's as powerful as the 125 Watt UV bulb I use and free.