Saturday, 30 November 2013


Although in real life I prefer the sea to mountainous terrain I find this type of maps fascinating.
I keep coming back and 'wandering' the Himalayas and other peaks. It's as if the contour lines de-scribe the terrain and, in a way, make it readable.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

#HullYes - come true

Hull will be City of culture 2017. Like many others I found myself jumping up and down (secretly in the kitchen before breakfast) and moved to tears this morning... A city coming out of the shadows. Well done Hull!

And thus, some more dreams among Humber Dreams became true today...
See images in last post.

I like these lines by Philip Larkin from Hull's bidding video portrait.
So, I had to transcribe this 'poem'*, click a line to see the film.

a place cannot produce poems
it can only not prevent them
and Hull is good at that
for Hull has its own sudden elegancies
people are slow to leave it
quick to return
and there are others
who come for a year or two
and stay a lifetime
sensing that they found a city
that is in the world
yet sufficiently on the edge of it
to have a different resonance.

*In fact the lines stem from the foreword to 'A Rumoured City: New Poets from Hull'

More Humber dreaming

The 'dream-stallation'

Part of making this piece was known territory, but some was a trip into uncharted waters. So I learned some subtleties that could be improved a next time.

Thank you to all who helped to make Humber Dreams come true!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dream Factory

Humber Dreams has been installed just in time for the launch of the festival on 8 November.
To suspend this installation from 8m long horizontal wires was a bit of a challenge. Then, creating the 'word-cloud' was a social endeavour. Many people walked past and stopped for a chat, very enjoyable.

I continued to work on the piece throughout the festival, until last Friday. People keep writing into the dream book or e-mail dream-lines, in the form of poems for instance. And so far at least one of the dreams did come true...!

Yesterday I took some photos and played about with our small camera to capture some moving images:

Photos to follow in a next post.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Humber Dreams

Humber Mouth Literatur Festival 2013 
Humber Dreams sketch
commissions Humber Dreams
An installation that captures the thoughts, dreams and wishes of people in Hull. It aims to reflect the local spirit and atmosphere.
On display at Hull Central Library 8 - 18 November 2013

People’s dreams and thoughts, written or printed on labels of transparent film, form a floating ‘landscape’, similar to the mist hovering on the Humber on a foggy day in November. This misty ‘dreamscape’ can be read and will evolve throughout Hull’s literature festival from 8 - 18 November 2013.