Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pride of Hull

The evening of 2 July, on board the 'Pride of Hull' with a skibag among my luggage that raises concern when checking in... Yet two stern faces light up to broad smiles when I declare the content of the bag - and we are waved through.
8:30pm, on the Humber, it's the first time I see this stretch of the estuary from the sea - love this landscape.
And then, by sunset, we pass Spurn Point, this finger of land that separates the North Sea from the Humber Estuary - the very place 'Fr-Agile' is about. This is the site where the footage of Seascape has been recorded. And this piece is the content of the skibag...
Next morning, after a quiet night, in Rotterdam.
Ready to travel on in the heat of early July in trains that, as it turns out, are not really fit for these temperatures...