Thursday 9 August 2012

Working @ Artlink

Since the very pleasant Private View on 27 July I've been working in Artlink's exhibition space to complete Shoal. Yesterday this piece has been finished.
Whenever I happen to visit this gallery on a windy day (and it's often windy up here in Hull) I feel like being 'blown' through that wide entrance door - it swings open magically - into the gallery space. It is this perception that led to the shape of 'Shoal'. The stones, donated by the public for Artlink's 30th anniversary, strive to trace the form of this air flow. The resulting shape resembles that of Spurn. Like the members of a society form groups and gather as family, friends (or fiends …) the donated stones are assembled by form, shape and character.

My first show in 2½ years after an involuntary break. Happy to be back again.

Thank you to all who made this exhibition possible, namely Jo and David; your help to install the work was very precious! Thanks for support to Stefan, Martin and Martin and all who donated stones. And last but not least, thank you to Kate and all who work at Artlink.