Saturday, 6 February 2021

A moment in time

Summer 2020 

Two birds flying past, making a fleeting appearance on Live Sky - a 'slice' of sky floating in the space (CCTV live feed projection on acrylic glass).

A year has passed since the exhibition @ King Edward Street, Light Works. I had used the space for nine months as a laboratory, setting up new works in response to the space and refining existing ones. It has been an intense, demanding and beautiful time, a dive into new territory, quietly challenging me on various levels. 

Subsequently the last year became a time of recovery - and also of final goodbyes, with  impromptu travel and long stays abroad. 

It would turn into August before we could take down the projection works on the upper floors. And it was then, just before dismantling Live Sky, that I accidentally captured two birds flying by, a coincidence I could only dream of during the exhibition time...