Sunday, 21 April 2013

Another tree

It looks like finally spring has sprung. The small Japanese cherry tree in the garden is now in its pink-white outfit. The buds have been on stand-by during weeks and weeks of cold weather.

I sniffed a first whiff of mild air in Berlin a week ago. To prepare a month of living and working in the studio of a friend I stayed there a few days. I'll occupy Marion's studio in May while she is abroad.

Here I had set up the loom to make some 3-d prints using the usual silk- and some polyester-thread which looked perfectly fine. Yet, surprise, surprise ... the 'poly'threads behaved like Velcro, very fine fibrils jamming and clogging together! :-//

I look forward to unjamming the threads in June, with a fresh mind and possibly warmer weather.