Tuesday, 30 April 2013

From H to B

It looked like an installation, the studio in Hull, before I left for Berlin two days ago; everything packed up to one large central block, ready for doing up the space.

Sunday night I arrived here, in the place that I'll occupy for the next four weeks. It is about 13° further east, a journey of roughly 1000km by air, without counting the detour to the airport.

I'm still settling down. The deal is the welcoming charm of this steadily changing and lively city, Berlin, in exchange for the light and green ambience of Hull.

No garden here. I'm living near the pavement, separated from passer-byes, a children's playground and a residential street (leading to a major traffic artery) only by huge shop windows - plus shutters at night. Yet, all I noticed so far is that I feel comfortable.

I took with me a few things to work on. Not sure, but curious, what I will do, since whatever I'll be making, will happen in a different manner; simply because the two cities, H and B, feature such different climes.